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Apps to see your city by satellite

How interesting would it be if you could see your city by satellite? I have no doubt it would be amazing, right? So, that’s possible – there are apps that can help you see your city by satellite. There are several options and you will know in this article the best ones.

Most of the app developers these days think of creating various amazing solutions for people to enjoy. Whether it’s finance apps, evolved games, or apps that no one has ever thought of before. And among these apps, several of them can have some kind of connection with several satellites, which can allow us to see things with great precision and in real time.

In the case of satellite images, they have great relevance for the world today, and especially to be able to verify issues such as GPS location or other factors that exist. It also helps to create a real experience within a specific place, city or any location.

In addition, these tools that allow us to see the city by satellite can also show the commercial establishments within a given location and allow us to travel through neighborhoods in a virtual way and visualize everything in real time.

Now comes the good part, see all the benefits and advantages of using an application to see your city by satellite:

Advantages of using App to see the city by satellite

  • The main apps for viewing the city via satellite are available for download in the app stores for both Android and iOS mobile phones.
  • A good practical example of using the application is the case of a vacation image for a place you don’t know yet, through the system you can practically take a tour of the place, using satellite images.
  • You can use it on a daily basis for anything, view your city, receive traffic notifications, see establishments and much more.
  • Anyone can use it, without any difficulty, with simple touches and a simplified interface, it is possible to see several locations and the availability of operation, as well as other details about them.
  • It is no longer necessary to have to ask for information on the streets, stop people and waste their time. Now, with these apps it is possible to guide yourself without getting lost, being able to locate certain specific places.

List of Apps to see your city via Satellite​

Now that you know the advantages of using the app to see your city via satellite, we will show you below which are the main options available for free. See below:

1- App Google Earth

The first application that we are going to show you here is called Google Earth, it is considered one of the best and most advanced satellite imaging applications, in which it allows users to see 3D satellite images from virtually anywhere in the world.

Using your Google Earth application, website or computer program, you can see your city, neighborhood, street and many other places in the world, from wherever you are with internet access. In addition, it is worth noting that the application has a very smart tool for guided trips through Google Earth to discover through Street View, Games, Nature and etc.

Finally, there is a very attractive feature in Google Earth, which allows us to zoom in on any image on the map, allowing us to see some locations more closely.

To download this application on your cell phone, follow the guidelines below:

  • Access the app store from your Android or iOS mobile device.
  • Search with the App name to find the Google Earth app.
  • Install the application normally.
  • After that you will be able to access the application and make use of the system by searching for the city or street address, and obtaining access to the high definition images of the street you want to consult.

2- App Google Maps

Google Maps, is a very popular application and used by many people around the world, it shows information in real time, and one of the well-known and used functions is the possibility to see satellite images of your city for free and information about the routes and traffic.

Initially Google Maps shows details in real time. With the application, the user can also consult information about the traffic conditions in their city and also find the best routes, thus arriving at their destination in the shortest possible time.

To download this application on your cell phone, follow the guidelines below:

  • Enter the app store on your Android or iOS mobile device.
  • Search with the name of the app on your phone’s store and download it normally.
  • After opening the app you must open the “map type” option – select “Satellite” from the menu.

3- App Maps Me

Another interesting application here is Maps Me, which offers several functions for consulting different paths and also offers the option of downloading maps so that you can use them later. In addition, you can also search for various tourist attractions according to what you need such as: accommodation, transport stations, buses, etc.

All tools are easy to access, where you can save your favorite places, share your location and search everything without internet. All available for free for Android and iOS.

4- App Waze

Waze was launched in 2006 in Israel. He was part of a local community project, which aimed to create a free country map database.

However, the project ended up being a great success in the region and in 2013 it was bought by Google, becoming popular with thousands of users around the world.

It is a free application that aims to help people by delivering traffic information regardless of their route, in addition to alert emissions, weather, traffic conditions and thus helping to make the best route.

With it you can also:

  • interact with each other.
  • Report accidents on the track.
  • Report traffic-related movements.

Finally, we recommend that you find these apps to see your city through free satellite images in the virtual app stores of Google Play Store or App Store.

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